Sharonville Family Medicine

Welcome to Sharonville Family Medicine, a “medical home” since 1960.

Dr. William P. Sawyer took over the practice in 1986.  We are the longest continuously operating healthcare facility in Sharonville, Ohio providing personalized care for you.

We serve as your quarterback,  counselor and coach, to help teach you health and wellness strategies to enjoy a better quality of life. Yes, we care both for and about you! Imagine if you had a physician who cared both for and about you. We are interested in taking care of people who are interested in participating in their health and well-being, as that dramatically improves your results and makes for a better “team”.

We emphasize a non-pharmaceutical approach to health and well-being but understand that medications are necessary at specific times.

We ask that you commit your self to the patient- physician relationship as we have discovered that that improves your outcome and our ability to coordinate your healthcare.

We want you to achieve optimal health and “stay well”. We help you orchestrate and travel through the complicated health delivery system for diagnostic tests and specialty care that you may need at different times during your lifetime.
We even do house calls and will care for you at several different long term care facilities around the city.

As you can see, we literally are a medical home. Medical care as it would be in the comfort of your own living room and in a relaxing environment.

If you are interested in personalized healthcare for you and your family please give us a call at 513-769-4951.

Sharonville Family Medicine

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