Cold and Flu Prevention 1955!

“Sniffles and Sneezes” (Common Cold Prevention) 1955

YES it is true! As far back as 1955 is a campaign with similar concepts to our strategy. Unfortunately, the CDC and Prevention has not picked up (or at least does not promote) the T zone significance in cold and flu prevention!

Perhaps Dr.Joe Bresee of CDC can answer this question!

We can guarantee you will NOT contract the H1N1 if you follow the

Comprehensive Flu Prevention Triad:

Do NOT Touch the T Zone!

Handwash regularly

Don’t Hesitate to Vaccinate

Practicing this we can achieve the same benefit in the 2009 H1N1 Pandemic year when very few schools closed and less respiratory infections nationwide!

Infection Prevention is EVERYONE’S business!!

Thank you for helping to “Spread the Word not the Germs”!

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