Flu Prevention Tips

(From Infection Prevention Newsletter/Henry the Hand)

Flu prevention tip for you, your family and community!

“Do not touch the T Zone” the mucous membranes of the eyes, nose or mouth which are the only portal of entry into the human body for flu, flu-like, pertussis and ALL other  respiratory infections! Remember we humans are the petri-dish that grow(cultivate) all viruses that cause epidemics and Pandemics!

We have been promoting this message since 2005, but do not have the PR to get to the public!
Please help! Visit www.henrythehand.com for more information and print posters from our web site! 
 Let’s PREVENT schools and businesses from closing this winter! You were successful in 2009-2010 in the midst of Pandemic fear!  Vaccines help, but if you want to guarantee “staying well” it must be a comprehensive campaign that includes the strategy “Do not touch the T Zone”! 

Please help us to “spread the word not the germs” by contacting your local television station, radio, schools and newspapers!

Will Sawyer, MD

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