Sharonville Family Medicine

As a family physician in solo practice, I am committed to providing my patients with timely, high quality service and facilitating their commitment to their good health. I strive to provide a patient centered medical home environment and provide the following services:

· You can count on seeing Dr. Sawyer each time you come for an office visit
· Personal coordination of your care with other physicians and diagnostic tests
· Continuous patient care when admitted to the hospital to ensure quality of care and coordination with specialists.
· Comfortable and quiet office setting and staff who care for and about you.
· Friendly, helpful staff who know you and your family.
· Patient care in a less time pressured environment.
· 24/7 availability to Dr Sawyer- either by phone consult or office visits
· Home visits by Dr. Sawyer for those who become home bound
· Effective communication with you about abnormal and normal test results so you know your results.
· Provides copies of diagnostic tests for your personal records
· Help interpreting health insurance coverage and payments
· Offers the option of cash-payment discounts at time of service for medical services to help cushion the cost of high deductibles

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