2017 Medical Home Fee Letter

Dear Patients,

I would like to thank you for your continued support in our effort to offer you personal care in a comfortable and caring environment as your personal physician. We want to continue the personal service and excellent medical care you have become accustomed to in our “medical home”. As health insurance premiums and deductibles increase we are still able to offer affordable care even when we are “not in your network”.

We continue to look for ways to improve access, reduce costs and help you improve your health with therapeutic and diagnostic strategies (at a reasonable cost) that many times are not covered by health insurance or because your deductible is so high. One example is a “virtual office visit” using telemedicine techniques: a phone consultation using direct visualization techniques. Although not covered by health insurance companies, it can be very effective when you cannot make it into the office. We have identified some affordable screening and diagnostic tests (abdominal ultra sound, echocardiograms and MRIs are a few examples) that could be beneficial for your health and wellness.

The Annual Medical Home Fee allows me to continue to provide you with timely, high quality service and also reflects your commitment to our participation in your health.

Individual Cost:           $140

Family Cost:                 $280


If you choose not to pay the Annual Medical Home Fee, please send us a signed release form and the name and address of the physician to whom you would like to transfer your health summary, so they may continue your care.

I greatly enjoy serving as your personal physician, coach and quarterback!  I look forward to continuing our relationship.


Dr. Will Sawyer

We continue to offer phone consultations for timely access and will be offering a telemedicine option in 2017, as well.




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