Medical Cannabis

Dr. Sawyer has the medical license for “Certification to Recommend” (CTR) medical cannabis (medicinal marijuana) for designated medical conditions as set up by the state of Ohio. The patient registry for Ohio is now open and patients can now be registered if Doctor Sawyer determines they meet the medical criteria. Please note that even though the registry is active there only a few dispensaries. This means that product availability is limited.

Medical Cannabis Consultation:

Dr. Sawyer offers a personal consultation about medicinal cannabis to those who are interested in considering medical cannabis for themselves or a family member. During this consultation, Dr. Sawyer will answer any question you may have in this private conversation with you in a supportive environment. He will be able to give you a better understanding whether you or a family member may meet the specific state criteria for the conditions being considered in Ohio at this time.

If you are looking for a definitive answer on whether you meet the criteria and are a new patient to the practice or cannabis clinic, you will need to have medical records and/or a letter from your personal physician concerning your chronic conditions that support your claim for one of the listed medical conditions in Ohio at this time. If you do NOT have the necessary documentation, you will need to return for another consultation with your medical documentation by your physician(s) in order for Dr. Sawyer to make a decision as to whether your medical conditions meet the criteria for medicinal cannabis in Ohio.

For those patients who have a personal physician already, Dr. Sawyer is happy to be a consultant to your personal physician and to share information with them concerning your care with medicinal cannabis. We prefer you do not switch your personal physician in order to be in Dr. Sawyer’s Cannabis Clinic process. This Cannabis Clinic service is to help improve the medical care of each patient, as we do with other subspecialties.

Up-to-date information regarding medicinal cannabis in Ohio can be found at the State of Ohio Board of Pharmacy website  ( CLICK HERE ).  Please check there regularly for information or you can call their telephone helpline at 1-833-4OH-MMCP (1-833-464-6627). They will be very helpful and can answer many questions regarding the states timeline and process regarding CTR for medicinal cannabis in Ohio.


Medical Cannabis Consultation FAQs

What does a consultation cost?

$150 per consult visit –  Cash or Credit card only (Visa or Mastercard). No checks.

A $75 non-refundable scheduling fee is due at the time you schedule your first consult appointment. This amount will be credited to your initial consult fee on the date of your appointment.

What can I expect in a Consultation Visit

The consultation visit is an opportunity to have a candid discussion with Dr. Sawyer about medical conditions for medicinal cannabis. This does not guarantee that you will receive a “CTR”. It is only an opportunity for you to ask any questions you may have and to see whether or not you meet the state criteria at this time. To be better prepared we ask that you bring in progress notes or a letter, not in a USB, from your personal physician providing your ongoing medical care that addresses the medical condition you have that you believe meets the state of Ohio medical condition list. The goal is to have at least one year or more of medical documentation from your personal physician(s).

After Dr. Sawyer has seen you and made an initial determination that you may meet the medical conditions for CTR in the state of Ohio, he may then recommend you join the Cannabis Clinic that has an annual fee of $160

What should I bring with me to the consultation?

Information that you should bring to the initial consultation is:

  • Medical records from your personal physician, specialist, and/or hospital discharge summaries that address the medical condition pertinent to Ohio’s conditions for medicinal cannabis.
  • Full disclosure of medical history, including addiction issues or other pertinent data you believe Dr. Sawyer should know.

These records should be paper copies that you bring with you. We will not be able to view records either via the internet or on USB drives. We won’t be able to print anything off for you. Do NOT have your records sent to us directly unless Dr. Sawyer specifically asks for you to do this following your initial consultation.

If you do not have the necessary documentation that Dr. Sawyer needs to meet Ohio criteria, you will need to return for an additional consultation visit in the determination process. Each additional consultation will be $150.

What happens once you receive your medical cannabis card?

There is a requirement to see Dr. Sawyer for an appointment every 90 days for review and documentation of progress. Documentation may have to be reported to the state as well. (Usually $120-$150 per appointment.)

How to schedule a consultation?

To schedule your appointment please call the office during office hours to set up your medical cannabis consultation. The number is 513-769-4951. Please do not leave a message and please do NOT call the doctor’s cell phone.






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