Patient Safety Awareness Week March 2-8

Healthcare Acquired Infections (HAIs) are a growing problem, with the overall annual direct medical costs from HAIs in U.S. hospitals reaching as high as  $28.4 to $33.8 billion (after adjusting to 2007 dollars using the CPI for all urban consumers) or  $35.7 billion to $45 billion (after adjusting to 2007 dollars using the CPI for inpatient hospital services)(1).  Keep this and mind and be especially Hand Aware when you or your loved ones are utilizing hospital services.

As our part in attempting to help curb these infections and growing costs, we have a “Puppets for Patients” program through the Henry the Hand Foundation. Let Henry the Hand “lend a Hand” while your family or friends are in the hospital. Ask ALL physicians and nurses to “talk to the Hand”!

Infection Prevention is EVERYONE’S business!!

Dr. William P. Sawyer

1. The Direct Medical Costs of Healthcare-Associated Infections in U.S. Hospitals and the Benefits of Prevention.



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