The T Zone: Your First Line of Defense to Prevent Contraction of Enterovirus!

The outbreak of Enterorvirus D68 (EV-D68) that’s suspected of sickening children in a dozen states most likely will get worse before it gets better. “Respiratory infections like this can spread quite quickly across the U.S.,” CDC’s Anne Schuchat, M.D.

Join our campaign for “T Zone Teaching Moment” and help others in your community (family, friends and work place) understand the importance of not touching your T Zone. It is your first line of defense preventing infectious diseases including Enterovirus!

The T Zone is a common area that people touch throughout

the day “unconsciously” and we are trying to help put an end to this unhealthy habit! Risky behavior puts you at risk for unintended consequence! What many do not realize is that you are inoculating YOURSELF with whatever germs are on your hands.

This is the time for YOU to discover the “T Zone Teaching Moment” and help others to break this unhealthy habit.

Remember it is Back to School time when many infections are brought into the classroom to be shared with others!
Infection Prevention is EVERYONE’S business!!
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