About Dr. Sawyer

William P.  Sawyer MD

Solo practice Family Medicine: May 1, 1986 to present
Sharonville Family Medicine,
Sharonville, Ohio

University of Cincinnati Hospital Family Medicine Residency 1982-1985
University of Cincinnati College of Medicine 1978-1982
Lake Forest College Biology BA 1972-1976
American Board Family Physicians : certified 1986

Physician Leadership Program 2009-2010, University of Cincinnati

Healthcare Committees, Boards and Businesses:

Patient’s Choice, founder and President/CEO, 1993-2003, 450 physician(150 FM and IM and 300 specialty physicians) IPA for provider contracting, group purchasing, and standardized scannable encounter form by disease state.
Patient’s Personal Choice, founder and President/CEO, 2003-2005, a Universal on-line electronic credentialing service for PPO’s, HMO’s and Insurers.

Bridges to Excellence: Pay for Performance Program, founding member, 2003-2005 (NCQA, CMMS, GE, Humana et al).
Executive Health Fitness Evaluation, Medical  Director 1986-1988- modeled after Cooper Clinic.
Trihealth Hospital System Patient Safety Committee, 2004-present.
Bethesda North Hospital Medical Executive Committee, 2000-2008.

Clean Hands Coalition, founding member and partner of CDC, May 1, 2003 to present.
Influenza Surveillance Sentinel Network for CDC, 2003 to present.
Ohio Carrier Advisory Committee for Medicare Co-chair, 1994 to present.
Ohio Medicaid Advisory Committee member 1995-2004.
AMA OMSS, delegate, 1999 to 2008.
AMA member 1986 to present
AAFP member 1986 to present
OAFP member 1986 to present
SOSFP officer 1987 to 1993
SOSFP President 2009 to present
Voluntary Faculty University of Cincinnati College of Medicine 1987- present.
OAFP Practice Transformation Commission 2010

Obstacles to Champion Handwasher Hospital Campaign poster presentation, NPSF Congress 2005
Champion Handwasher Hospital Campaign: The First Steps to a True Culture of Safety: Thompson Health System Feb 2007 and John Muir Health System October 2006
Hand Awareness presentations: Non Pharmaceutical Approach to Prevent Human Illness and Transmission of Emerging Pathogens presentations; NEHA 2006, NAHEC 2006 and USDA Food Safety Conference, 2006.
Human Factor Engineering and Positive Deviance Strategy to Reduce HAI: Summit, May 2007
Preventing HAI; APIC SW Ohio chapter May, 2008
Approaching Zero Food borne illness Incidence, Illinois Food safety Symposium, September 2009
4th Generation IPA: AMA-OMSS 1998

Community Activities:
Henry the Hand Foundation, founder 1999. Hand Awareness program based upon the 4 Principles of Hand Awareness, which have been endorsed by the AMA and the AAFP in 2001.
HWB Community Center President, 1994-2002
HWB Community Center BOT 1993- 2008
SAY Soccer coach 1994-2002
Iron Horse Restaurant co-owner 1995-2008, fine dining restaurant.
Glendale Renaissance Inc. co-owner: renovated two historic buildings in Historic Glendale (1855) 1993-1996 to re-establish a vibrant local business economy in an historic village.

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