Infection Prevention Tips That Work!

These are very serious times of uncertainty, so it is critical you share these simple principles with EVERYONE who wants to keep from giving themselves COVID-19, flu and many other respiratory infections(!) whether your family, friends community or others around the country and world.   Below is a video, a poster, and hand awareness principles about ways infection spreads and actions you can take to limit infection spread.  The video is designed so if you can’t read or understand English, you still get the picture!



Dr. Will’s 4 Coronavirus prevention tips that work!

  1. Do Not touch your eyes, nose or mouth the facial mucous membranes (T Zone)
  2. Handwash/sanitize regularly
  3. Clean commonly touched surfaces regularly (frequently if active disease is present)
  4. Follow the 4 Principles of Hand Awareness (

Humans are the petri dish that grow and then spread viruses perpetuating infectious disease that become outbreaks, epidemics and Pandemics!  So if we STOP contaminating our facial mucous membranes (eyes, nose or mouth) then there would never be another epidemic or Pandemic!

Please share this simple poster with the world to help “spread the word not the germs”! And put an end to the hysteria.  (For links to more general hand awareness poster in more than 20 other languages, posters can be downloaded here.

Or if you would like to translate the poster into another language for Henry the Hand , the translation template can be found here

Remember, your hands are clean only until you touch the NEXT surface!

Together WE CAN make a difference!


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