National Handwashing Awareness Week is coming up!

National Handwashing Awareness Week  is around the corner–December 4-10, 2016!  NOW is the time to get YOUR campaign started!  Make sure that YOU have the tools to help “spread the word not the germs” during National Handwashing Awareness Week!

This year’s theme:       “Let’s make Handwashing a Habit!”

A great resource is The Science of Habit, by David Neal,PhD and Jelena Vujcic,MPH ; Neal D, J Vujcic, O Hernandez, and W Wood. 2015. The Science of Habit: Creating Disruptive and Sticky Behavior Change in Handwashing Behavior. Washington D.C., USA. USAID/WASHplus Project.

The 2015 theme was “Handwashing is the new vaccine”* against ALL respiratory and many gastro-intestinal infections!

* Charles Gerba PhD, TED Talk 2009

Why wait until another outbreak in YOUR School system. Coxsackie Virus, Adenovirus and many other outbreaks will start “brewing” over the upcoming holidays! Let us know how we may “lend a Hand”!

Comprehensive Cold & Flu Prevention Triad:

  1. Do not touch the T ZONE (mucous membranes of the eyes, nose & mouth)
  2. Handwash Regularly
  3. Don’t Hesitate to Vaccinate


In the spirit of continuing the effort to improve community health we are asking you to share these posters with everyone you know.  Family, friends, businesses, schools, childcare centers and communities the world! 

  **To Download your posters today click 


Posters are available in 20 different languages as well. They were translated by volunteers around the world! If you want another language please help us!


Infection Prevention is EVERYONE’S business!!

Thank you for helping to “Spread the Word not the Germs”!  

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